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Hey guys,

How are you all? I have an interesting news to share with you guys! So most of you must have heard about Sigma Beauty or Sigma Brushes if not then listen they have some amazing cult brushes! Real Techniques has some great brushes too but when it comes to foundation brushes or Eyeshadow blending brushes I reach out for Sigma. I just love their Flat F-80 Kabuki Brush cause it changed my whole foundation game! It makes the foundation blend in so perfectly that I can’t even express here. I bought F-80 brush from a Singapore website, I guess it was Luxola! Yes Luxola it was, check here.

Then I was sent their newly launched 3-D HD Kabuki brush and oh my god! This is only brush I reach for ALL. THE. TIME. Plus they have 3-D HD Concealer brush too. I don’t have the concealer brush but because of the shape it comes in so handy to reach at the inner corners of the eyes, around the nose. Another cult product of theirs is E-40 blending brush which I bought from NYC again a game changer for blending the shadows! Last but not the least is the Sigma Beauty’s Spa Express Cleansing Glove and I just can’t imagine the whole routine of washing of my brushes without this one. I wash my foundation brush after every use 🤦🏻‍♀️ and this is the first thing I reach for! It comes in so handy for washing and rinsing.

So once again Sigma Beauty was courteous enough to send in some of their more goodies. Not sure if they are new launches or what but the main aim of this post was a) To share all the must haves from the brand and b) I have a coupon code for you guys especially for the Independence Day.

Sigma Beauty Brushes

Sigma Beauty Brushes

I know Sigma Beauty is not exactly a cheap brand but atleast you should go for the 3-D HD range of the brushes, go for the basic ones. Foundation and Concealer plus have heard some great reviews about the gel liner as well. And try combining coupon codes. Use the one I am going to share with you guys plus so many International Youtubers have the coupon codes as well for Sigma Beauty. So it may save you quite a lot of bucks.

Sharing the products I received

Coupon Code INDIA20 this will give you a discount of 20% and is valid from Aug 15th-Aug 17th

A lil giveaway for you guys since I received quite a lot of products me being a good girl would love to share it with you guys. All you have to do is a) subscribe/follow my blog (remember you have to follow me here at my blog and not on Instagram/Twitter) b) Comment below what you want to try from Sigma Beauty☺️ . Open only for INDIAN residents. Will anounce the winners on 19th August.

Products for the Giveaway

  • Lip Crayon
  • Brow Powder
  • Brow Highlighter

All the best guys!


  1. Priya says:

    I’m always on the lookout for new products to try and since I regularly follow your blog and trust your choice, I would love to try these products!

  2. Hiral shah says:

    Now a days
    Brow defining and brow stamping and all so inn
    I only get to do is eyebrow threading
    So i am so excited to try new brow products..
    Brow powder and brow highlighter name had make me excited.. and sigma is a brand which we can trust..
    Following on insta as hiral_hsd4ever
    Subbed blog too
    Thank you for nice opportunity

  3. Sumithra says:

    Hi Pankhuri, thanks for your generosity. 👍 i’m a die hard fan of lipsticks, so obviously i would choose lipsticks over anything else.. Brow definers are also fun these days.. But anything for lipsticks.. 😀

  4. Jyoti Verma says:

    After reading your post, would love to try the 3D brush. The giveaway looks cool with such awesome products. 💕💕

  5. Saniya says:

    I would love to try the 3D blush as I feel Indian companies do not make good formulations for blushes and Sigma being Sigma would have done an amazing job ❤️ Thanks for opportunity , it’s so great to participate in a giveaway with amazing products. Much love xx

  6. Hasitha Kari says:

    Subscribed ✅
    And I would love to try their brushes, the kabuki after reading your post, and also Their eye range brushes.
    P.S: Just wanted to tell you that you’re doing a very good job with your blog. It’s one place I can go to for honest reviews. Thankyou for conducting the giveaway and the opportunity.
    Much Love.

  7. Reha says:

    I’ve always genuinely wanted to try the Sigma brushes and wasn’t very sure because of the price point but after reading your take on it I’m convinced. So Sigma brush set it is. 🙂

  8. Sumithra says:

    Good thoughts. I think sigma beauty is expanding their business in India. Many bloggers have received goodies to share reviews. Yes, have heard a lot about their brushes and it has some amazing reviews.. Express cleansing glove is something im hearing for first time.. A bit on the expensive end.. But yeah, Good quality always makes it worth spending..

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