Foreo Luna Play Review

Hey guys,

I am reviewing a product after such a long time and that too a very highly raved and expensive product. Foreo Luna Play. Though the one I have is a travel size version not as expensive as the Foreo Luna or Foreo Mini which is of whopping $139+taxes 😧 .

What is this Foreo luna mini 2, mini 2, luna play, play plus! It’s a device which deep cleans your facial skin. The question is how? By producing T-sonic pulsations. So it’s like getting a facial done at home sans the massage! Plus in some devices you get to control the speed of the pulsations.

So you may recall this from my US haul post! No? say whaaaa?? go check it out here is the link, checked? okay! I am not sure about the Sephora here in India whether they are selling this travel size version of Foreo but in the US I saw these at Sephora, Anthropologie. So I was in the US at the time of the VIB Rouge sale and obviously I happened to pick a lot of stuff and I picked up Foreo Luna Play as well. Simply because I wanted to try this. I had nothing in my mind except I wanted to try this because the Foreo Luna Mini 2 was worth the amount printed on my receipt after shopping 🤣 . So there was no way I could spend so much without even trying! Though return policies are great in US but still who wants to get in that hassle.

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

Long story short I went with this little guy in the colour Sunshine Yellow. There were so many yummy colors to choose from! I really had a hard time in picking one plus I was in the line for the billing counter so the struggle was real. I had to be quick in making the decision.

So till now it’s been a week since I have been using Foreo Luna Play and I am obsessed already. I use this with my regular face wash from The Nature’s Co. Sometimes I put soap on the Foreo Luna sometimes directly on face and then massage the Foreo all over my face starting from my forehead, cheeks,  jaw, nose basically everywhere. And then just rinse my face and the tool. My face never felt so smooth. I didn’t see any bumps on my forehead or face in general after using this device. It couldn’t be better.

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

If you are the one who goes for regular facials or face clean ups you should invest in this one.
Foreo Luna Play

  • It’s so small that sometimes it’s frustrating to exfoliate the whole face.
  • It can be used only for 100 washes and then have to dispose it off. (Foreo Luna Play Plus has a replaceable battery though).
  • Silicone Bristles are way too soft for my liking. I wished bristles could be a little more firm. May be they are in Foreo Luna Play Plus I don’t know. But bristles are definitely firmer in Foreo Luna Mini 2
  • Very gentle on skin.
  • Perfect for Travel

Some Points on Foreo Luna Mini 2

  • Chargeable battery.
  • Unlike Clarisonic there is no hidden cost. In clarisonics you will have to repurchase the brush head over a period time.
  • It’s soft and gentle on the skin because the material is silicon.
  • Water Proof.
  • You can control the pulsations.

Foreo Luna 2
All same as Foreo Luna Mini 2 except each colour of Foreo Luna Mini 2 serves different purpose and is for different skin type so don’t just fall for the colour 🤣 . Also the backside of the Luna 2 is provided with a massager which is used to massage in the serums and oils post shower and the pulsations supposedly help in reducing wrinkles.

Won’t recommend it for someone who has breakouts or suffers from acne.

I hate when someone buys expensive stuff and say you need this product in life. So if you are someone who works and constantly needs the facial clean ups or facials to beat the pollution you should invest in the Foreo Luna Mini 2. You can charge it, no hidden costs. And charging is required like once in 3-4 months. I will definitely go for the Luna Mini 2 but will get it from the US to save some $$$ cuz in India it costs ~Rs 13,000.

Hope my review helped you!

PS I have normal to combination skin and I don’t have acne hence worked for me.

PPS Once the battery dies of Foreo Luna Play I can use this as a brush cleanser 😍😍 . Anu from 50shadesofvanity misunderstood this as a brush cleaner and I got this idea. Genius. No really!


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