#SubscribetoSmooth Challenge | Myth Two Busted!

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I am here with yet another post or rather update on my #SubscribetoSmooth Challenge. As shared in my last post on this topic, my biggest concerns were thickening of hair and darkening of the skin and I had shared with you guys that shaving or any other hair removal method for that matter doesn’t cause thickening of hair.

Coming to the skin, as far as the traditional method, waxing is concerned we all know that it takes of the dead skin and how smooth it feels at that instant. But in most of the cases you guys must have noticed those red bumps on the skin, they are so difficult to get rid of. Hence comes the last resort Shaving. It not only removes the top layer of the dead skin but also smoothens it, without giving us those ugly red spots.

#SubscribetoSmooth Gillette Venus

#SubscribetoSmooth Gillette Venus

#SubscribetoSmooth Gillette Venus

#SubscribetoSmooth Gillette Venus

But there are few precautions which should be taken care of in order to get smooth skin after shaving:

  • Exfoliate well the day before you want to shave.
  • Never shave on dry skin. Use proper shaving gels like the Gillette Shaving Gel (click hereas this will help skin to lock in the moisture and will keep the skin soft and supple.
  • You could use a soap as well instead of a shaving gel, just make sure that it is a moisturising soap.
  • Moisturise well after shower. And hello smooth skin 🙂
  • Gillette Venus Razor are inbuilt with natural ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E that leaves the skin smooth. You can buy from here.

So Myth Two busted – Shaving doesn’t dry out the skin and also it doesn’t cause darkening of the skin.

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