#SubscribetoSmooth Challenge | Myth One Shaving Cause Hair to grow back Thicker

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I am back again with my next post on Gillette #SubscribetoSmooth Challenge which I had accepted at the blogger’s meet I was part of. When I first started shaving my arms/legs, will my hair grow back thicker and darker? And will my skin will be darker? These were my biggest concerns.

After using Gillette Venus Razor for about a year and a half I am gaga over this product. This was the first razor I had purchased and tried some other but I keep coming back to this because, the grip and control I get on using this matches no other razor.

#SubscribetoSmooth Gillette Venus

#SubscribetoSmooth Gillette Venus

So here I am busting out Myth-1 Shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker and darker. Infact it does not depends on the hair removal method. It is controlled by your hormones/genes and has nothing to do with shaving/waxing/laser treatment. If at all you feel that hair is thicker. It’s not thicker the blunt ends only make it seem that way.

It’s just that one has to take precautions while shaving like any other hair removal method, which I am going to share with you guys in my next post.

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