Ben Nye Banana Powder

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Today I am sharing my beloved makeup product and that is Ben Nye Banana Powder. Ben Nye is the brand which is very commonly used in Hollywood, TV and Theatre industry (much like Kryolan) and is quite inexpensive and delivers perfection. Banana Powder is used by Kim Kardashian for her under highlighting and contour. Ben Nye has two lines of powders one of which is Classic Translucent Powder and the other one which is the most commonly used is Luxury Powder. Classic Translucent as the name suggests is a translucent powder, which has opaque finish whereas the Luxury Powder is very finely milled and is very sheer on the skin.

Ben Nye

  1. Classic Translucent Powder (10 powders fall under this category)
  2. Luxury Powder
    • Bella (for light and medium skin tones)
      • Banana (yellow tone)
      • Cameo (pink tone)
      • Buff (pink tone)
      • Beige Suede (brown tone)
    • Mojave (for dark and olive skin tones) (6 powders fall under this category)
      Ben Nye Banana Powder

      Ben Nye Banana Powder

      Ben Nye Banana Powder

      Ben Nye Banana Powder

Banana Powder is the most used powder to set under eye concealer and highlighter. And it’s not restricted to that.

  • Banana Powder is used to set the under eye concealer.
  • It can be used to minimize/soften the appearance of pores and also fine lines as it has corn starch and talc formula.
  • Because of its yellow tones it is used to correct the redness on the face. Even if you’re not wearing any makeup, just dust the powder on the face and voila all the redness gone and you will get a glowy face 🙂
  • As it has talc in it it can be used by oily skinned beauties as it mattifies the look.

I mainly use this to set my under eye concealer and lightly dust it all over my face, cheeks and around the corners of my nose especially to get rid of the redness. As it is so finely milled the yellow particles present in the powder reflects back the light, thus giving the flawless look.

In the pictures above I have just applied little bit of concealer here and there, Ben Nye Powder and just a little bit of the blush to get the color. See how magical banana powder is. 😉

The only negative point is that it comes in sift jar which is really messy at times when you’re in hurry but the price at which it comes and the quality it delivers you just have to ignore that 😀 and a little amount goes a very long way. There are many sizes available in the market 0.93 Oz/25 gms, 1.5 Oz/42 gms and 3 Oz/85gms. I have smaller dome shaped jar which contains 0.93 Oz of the product which will take forever to get finished 😀 .

Hope you liked the review 🙂 . Which is your favorite powder for setting under eyes concealer?


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