The 6 Commandments of Wearing a Red Lip


Few days back I saw Maleficent again and I was so mesmerised by the red pout which Angelina Jolie pulled off effortlessly. So I thought of putting up this article. It’s alarmingly surprising how a Red lipstick can add oodles of glamour to a woman’s look. It has the power to take your looks from a mere 6 to 10! Besides making you look like a million bucks, you definitely feel a lot more confident while wearing it. Atleast I do 😉 . But rocking a red pout is not so easy. You need to take care of certain elements to strike a statement and set hearts aflutter when wearing it. Here are some things which you must take care of to look your best with red lips:

  • Proper Exfoliation

Although exfoliation is necessary for a smooth application of any lipstick, it becomes all the more necessary when it comes to donning red lips. To ensure your red lipstick doesn’t turns patchy with time and that the matte texture doesn’t goes flaky, always exfoliate your lips properly before wearing it.

Exfoliation of Lips

Exfoliation of Lips

  • Choose according to skin tone

You fell in love with the crimson red lip your favourite celeb sported on the Red carpet and instantly bought a similar shade. But when you wore it, you wiped it off instantly. But it’s not because you can’t look good in red lips, it’s because the shade didn’t work for your skin tone. Cool skin tone looks better with blue based reds and warm skin tone matches better with orange based reds. Go for a darker hue if you have a deep skin tone.


  • Little or no playing with eyes

Since red lipstick is a statement in itself, it’s best to go for a clean look and wear black winged eyeliner with it. Or a soft shade like brown. Don’t go over-board by wearing smoky eyes with it and then run the risk of looking like a clown. Liquid eyeliners can be your best bet if you have oily eyelids since they stay for a long time without smudging. Maybelline Hyper glossy liquid eyeliner is quality budget eyeliner and to buy it at a low price, use Nykaa.


  • Precision

If you have the habit of applying lipsticks in your car just before entering the party, you will have to skip on it if you want to rock red pout. A red lipstick can look classy only when applied in a proper outline and with accuracy so that it doesn’t bleeds as the hours go by. Apply it using a proper lip brush.


  • Pay attention to your outfit

To create a balanced look with this bold lip color, it’s important that you wear an outfit that doesn’t clashes with it. Red lips look best when paired with outfits that have solid shades like white, black or gray. For a sporty look, go for rugged jeans with a white top paired with a biker jacket or for an elegant look, wear a black dress matched with a pearls necklace.


  • Subtle Flush

Don’t go for highly pigmented blushes or else they will ruin the look for you. Wear a bronzer to add definition to your face or wear a light flush of a co-coordinating blush. If you have a light skin tone, do wear some blush to avoid looking washed out. If you have a medium-deep skin tone, you can afford to skip your blush.


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