Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

What makes love hate relationship with your foundation or say your base makeup products. Sometimes we hate the bestest of the base products. Why?

I bought MAC Matchmaster Foundation which was my first ever BIG purchase. I started using it with Colorbar Flat Foundation Brush and the finish which I used to get never lifted up my mood, as the price I paid for the foundation was a big deal for me. While going through many youtube beauty videos or checking out random brushes I saw people raving about brushes, rather I would say importance of a quality brush. That time I came across Sigma brushes and I checked out their website but was disappointed by the shipping charges or minimum purchase for the international shipping. Then came (Luxola Haul) and they had Sigma F80 Brush.

Sigma F80 Brush

Sigma F80 Brush

I ordered that plus beauty blender and had used some code which I don’t remember but you can search for discount codes online I’m sure you will get one. I used Sigma brush first with my MAC Matchmaster Foundation and BAM what a finish. It blended the foundation seamlessly and without much of an effort. Its packaging is quite similar to the MAC ones wooden handles with metallic ferrules and brush number carved on the handles. How I use my kabuki brush for flawless finish? I pump out my foundation and dot it on my face where i need to even out my skin and then gently stipple it using my Sigma F80 brush. I feel that MAC Matchmaster is tad bit thick for my liking so in the beginning itself I damp my Sigma F80 brush which I feel makes the application easier. I use this brush only for cream/liquid foundation.

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So it’s the brush which makes all the difference, of course that doesn’t mean that I’m underestimating the power of MAC Matchmaster but this brush has truly made all the difference. You can buy  Sigma F80 Brush from here .

So which is your favorite foundation brush?


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